Each component of the system has the same reliability

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A Web server has five major components that must all function in order for it to operate as intended. Assuming that each component of the system has the same reliability, what is the minimum reliability each one must have in order for the overall system to have a reliability of .90? (Round your answer to 3 decimal places.)

Minimum reliability   

Reference no: EM131228508

What is the name of the damages

what is the name of the principle that holds that B cannot simply sue A for breach, but must first make a reasonable attempt to find someone else to perform as A was suppose

Minimize the sum of ordering and carrying costs

A manager receives a forecast for next year. Demand is projected to be 550 units for the first half of the year and 980 units for the second half. The monthly holding cost is

The pros and cons would be to the hd firm

Currently HD dealers order accessories, like luggage bags, and apply these components to the bike for the customer- it enables the dealer to build some relationship with the c

Edward owned a retail sporting goods ship

Edward owned a retail sporting goods ship. A new ski resort was being constructed in his area, and to take advantage of the potential business, Edward decided to expand his op

Academic facility rather than a not-for-profit facility

You are currently working at a large academic medical center in an urban community. For the last several weeks, you have heard that other health care organizations are looking

Certificate of naturalization or an alien registration card

Under IRCA verification procedures, may an employer insist that a prospective employee with a foreign accent produce either a certificate of naturalization or an Alien Registr

What area of law are involved in this situation

What area(s) of law are involved in this situation? If plaintiff – what do you need to prove to win the case? If defendant – what defenses can you raise? If this went to trial

Lump sum contracts are most appropriate for projects

What is your position regarding the following statement? Why? The Lump Sum Contracts are most appropriate for projects that are well defined and entail little risk.”


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