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Suggest 3 to 5 different revenue streams ideas that will work with e-commerce business model, you can use single or hybrid revenue sources?

Reference no: EM132184755

Intersecting forces of imperialism

Discuss how the 'third world" was created by the intersecting forces of imperialism, the extension of capitalism and climate change. What were the short-term effects (e.g.,

Trends and future of health care

Health care human resources and organizational behavior are continuously evolving. Successful health care administrators understand the need to stay abreast of current and f

Discuss the implications of producing

Think of a new or revised product or service that you would like to see on the market. Discuss the implications of producing that product or service relative to legal, ethic

Coca-cola vending machines have interactive screens

The newest Coca-Cola vending machines have interactive screens that run advertisements and allow users to obtain free photos of themselves and ringtones after they have boug

Verbal and nonverbal communication play

In this week’s Discussion, you will explore how verbal and nonverbal communications are used in face-to-face environments.

What rules will develop for supervisors

What rules will you develop for supervisors to successfully respond to employee questions about unionization? What can your supervisors say or else do that is legally permis

Find a story in global journal about a us-based company

Find a story in a global journal/newspaper about a US-based company that had a business issue in a foreign market. Describe the situation in your own words and make sure to ci

Susceptible to content adjacency

What kinds of websites are most susceptible to content adjacency? Are news sites? Why or why not? What sorts of technical features might act as breeding grounds for content


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