Draw the projections of rod showing curves of intersection

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A connection of rod of 50 mm diameter has a rectangular block 50 mm wide and 25mm thick forged at its end. A turned radius of 25 mm joins the rod and the block. Draw the projections of the rod showing curves of intersection.

Reference no: EM13212848

The crystal structure of iron is bcc at temperatures

The crystal structure of iron is BCC at temperatures below 912°C and FCC above 912°C. Calculate the weight of one unit cell of iron (a) below 912°C; (b) above 912°C.

Review the logic used to develop brake systems

Analyse the operational characteristics of the current system / component available in the market and future systems yet to come into production. Analyse the effect of the sys

Air undergoes an isentropic process

Air undergoes an isentropic process from P_1 = 100 kPA and T_1 = 300 K to a final state where the temperature is 700 K. Assuming an ideal gas, find P_2 in kPa using both the i

Changes in kinetic and potential energies are negligible

Air is compressed steadily in a compressor from 100kPa and 300 K to 1 Mpa and 500 K. The compressor is not well insulated and a heat loss of 40 KJ/kg occurs during the process

What is the rate of energy change of the cylinder

A 1m-long metal cylinder of 25cm radius is heated such that the axial temperature distribution at a certain instant of time is T(z)=a+bz+cz2 where a=900K, b=-500K/m and c=150K

What is the weight fraction of epoxy in the fiber glass

A group of mechanical engineers like catamaran sailing on the Great Salt Lake and decide to use a glass-fiber reinforced composite with a high fiber fraction for a new boat de

Calculate the velocity of flow

A pitot-static tube is inserted in a pipe carrying water at 10°C. A differential manometer using mercury as the gage fluid shows a deflection of 106 mm. Calculate the veloci

What effect would this have on the total rate of corrosion

Aluminum plates are fastened together with brass rivets. The aluminum plates have a total exposed area of 1.5 ft.2 and the rivets have a total exposed area of 2.5 in.2. The en


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