Draw the functional block diagram of the automatic volume
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We can build a control system that will automatically adjust amotorcycle's radio volume as the noise generated by the motorcycle changes. The noise generated by the motorcycle increases with speed. As the noise increases, the systemincreases the volume of the radio. Assume that the amount of noise can be represented by a voltage generated by the speedometer cable, and the volume of the radio is controlled by a dc voltage (Hogan, 1988).

If the dc voltage represents the desired volume disturbed by the motorcycle noise, draw the functional block diagram of the automatic volume control system, showing the input transducer, the volume control circuit, and the speed transducer as blocks.

Also, show the following signals: the desired volume as an input, the actual volume as an output, and voltages representing speed, desired volume, and actual volume.

An animation PowerPoint presentation (PPT) demonstrating this system is available for instructors at www.wiley.com/college/nise.

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