Draw the bending moment diagram and shear force diagram

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1.Use the concept of real work equivalence to compute the vertical deflection at the free end of the cantilever beam shown below. The 12 inch wide beam has a uniform taper and E=3000kips/in^2

2.Consuder a simply suppurted beam of length 10 feet with concentrated load of 1000lb at the centre of the beam

Draw the bending moment diagram and shear force diagram

Reference no: EM13561482

Derive the expressions for the concentration exiting a cstr

Derive the expressions for the concentration exiting a CSTR and a PFR for a zero order removal reaction. Which reactor design is more efficient in terms of volume and hydrauli

Draw a mass balance diagram and estimate the annual loss

Gasoline vapors are vented to the atmosphere when an underground gasoline storage tank is filled. If the tanker truck discharges into the top of the tank with no vapor control

Tightness of skid along with pump-motor

What is the solution if foundation bolt cut by some way from their bottom of skid, i mean skid base than how to keep another bolt etc for tightness of skid along with pump-m

Determine what is the change in the wires total resistance

You have two wires connected end to end. Wire 1 is copper and wire 2 is made using a special carbon conductor. Wire 1 has a resistance of 0.215 ohms/ft and is 500 ft long. W

Determine the square footage of your house

How do you determine the correct number of significant figures to use for each distance measurement? Be specific.(pacing,EDm, GPS and tape), Which measurement method would yo

Compute minimum value of specific energy and critical depth

A rectangular channel carries a flow of 10 cfs/ft of width. Plot a curve of specific energy vs depth. Compute the minimum value of specific energy and the critical depth. Wh

Draw the state-transition diagram for a nondeterministic fsm

Describe (in English) a general procedure for deriving an NFSM recognizer from a regular expression. Your procedure description will doubtless be recursive and should be bas

Find what is the builder capitalized cost to const the plant

A home builder must construct a sewage treatment plant and deposit sufficient money in a perpetual trust fund to pay the $5000 per year operating cost and to replace the tre


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