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You are thinking of opening a copy shop. It costs $8000 to rent a copier for a year. It costs 0.023 per copy to operate the copier. Other fixed costs of running the store amount to $600 per month. You charge an average of 0.12 per copy. You are open 365 days per year. Each copier can make up to 150,000 copies per year. a. Using Excel, construct a two way profit table (number of copies on the left running top to bottom and daily demand on the top running from left to right) for 1 to 5 copiers rented and daily demands of 1000, 1500,2000,2500 copies per day. That is Compute annual profit for each of these combinations of copiers rented and daily demand. b. Given that you rent three copiers, what daily demand for copies will allow you to break even? Draw a break even graph to show this break even relationship.

Reference no: EM131228725

Analysis of culture rests in the concepts of idealism

The structural-functional analysis of culture rests in the concepts of idealism, which places values at the center of culture. Briefly describe an example of this analysis tha

Both customers waiting in line and customers being served

During busy periods, a new customer walks into WHS every 15 minutes on average, with a standard deviation of 15 minutes. At PHS, a customer walks in every hour on average, wit

Develop key performance indicators for financial targets

Develop key performance indicators (K.P.I.) for operational and financial targets and amend existing operational plans to include KPIs and financial targets rela

Describe training method

Suppose you are the manager of an accounts receivable unit in a large company. You are switching to a new system of billing and record-keeping and need to train your three sup

Describe how you would analyze a process

Select one of the six steps for the blueprint for process analysis and describe how you would analyze a process. The process can be for school, work, home project etc.

Methods for reducing or holding down auto insurance premiums

Paige, age 26, has purchased a new Ford sedan. She has a clean driving record. Collision coverage on the car in a small midwestern city where she lives would cost approximatel

Decisions about pay structure in global companies affects

Decisions about pay structure in global companies affects: Answer (1) a company's financial and operational requirements. (2) the cost and availability of qualified workers.

Contracting with an overseas customer call center

What do you see as the major advantages and disadvantages with contracting with an overseas customer call center? Is there recent empirical evidence that provides comparisons


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