Draw a functional block diagram of a closed-loop system
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A dynamometer is a device used to measure torque and speed and to vary the load on rotating devices. The dynamometer operates as follows to control the amount of torque:

A hydraulic actuator attached to the axle presses at ire against a rotating flywheel. The greater the displacement of the actuator, the greater the force that is applied to the rotating flywheel. A strain gage load cell senses the force.

The displacement of the actuator is controlled by an electrically operated valve whose displacement regulates fluid flowing into the actuator (D'Souza, 1988).

Draw a functional block diagram of a closed-loop system that uses the described dynamometer to regulate the force against the tire during testing.

Show all signals and systems. Include amplifiers that power the valve, the valve, the actuator and load, and the tire.

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