Draw a class diagram of structure of monitoring station

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Suppose that an environmental monitoring station contains three sensors, namely a thermometer, a rain gauge and humidity reader. In addition, there is an output device, known as a printer, on which the readings from these three sensors are shown. Readings are taken checkpoint. Draw a class diagram summarizing the structure of the monitoring station.

Reference no: EM1355048

Calculate the monthly management fee payable

Which manages rental properties and charges the owner a management fee - the For Realz Accountant has devised the following rules to calculate the monthly management fee payab

Inventory management

Just-in-time(JIT) software is unable to foresee delivery problems resulting from bad weather, labor strikes, etc. Assess how a company using JIT inventory management software

Draw the eerd for main entities of stock trading system

Draw the EERD to accurately represent this set of requirements. This will be Conceptual Design. Clearly specify any assumptions which you are making. You can use any tools (

During the system implementation phase of the sdlc

During the system implementation phase of the SDLC, once a system has passed testing, the organization installs the new system. Which of the following terms is used to refer

Complete preliminary investigation and requirements analysis

Use the SDLC to help organize the paper and use its steps to show how the requirements, design, implementation and testing are accomplished. Complete a preliminary investigat

What is the overall dre for the project

Prior to delivery, the software team found 242 errors during formal technical reviews and all testing tasks. What is the overall DRE for the project after one month's usage?

Create a vision to summary your project

Create a vision to summary your project. Choose three to four use Cases (each use case should include one success and one failure scenarios), provide full-dressed description

How did you create x so that the plot looked good

How did you create x so that the plot looked good. Where a is the size of the semi-major axis (along the x-axis) and e is the eccentricity. Plot ellipses using this formula, e


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