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London purchased a piece of real estate last year for $85,100. The real estate is now worth $101,200. If London needs to have a total return of 0.23 during the year, then what is the dollar amount of income that she needed to have to reach her objective?

Reference no: EM131097356

Critically analyse the strategic decision made by whirlpool

Critically analyse the strategic decision made by Whirlpool. Discuss carefully how the company initiated successful decisions and how each strategic level has been consid

Illustrate what would your response be also explain why

If the head of your organization came to you also asked you if they should invest more money in the organization's staffing system, illustrate what would your response be al

Description of organization paper

Write a FULL 3 pages paper with at least 3 references in APA Format in which you complete the following: Identify the organization for which you would like to complete a stra

Four lenses of innovation

Which of the four lenses of innovation do you see most frequently within your organization? Which do you see less frequently? Provide specific examples. How would this inf

Variety of theories on motivation

To perform well, employees must be motivated. Social scientists have developed a variety of theories on motivation that can be useful to supervisors. Content theories of mot

How you might approach sampling data for your research

Some preliminary thoughts about your research design. (This will change over the next few weeks, but it is useful to think about this early). Ideas about how you might appr

Dimensions of effective microsystems

There are 8 dimensions of effective Microsystems. Which two (2) do you believe are the most important and why? Please provide examples to illustrate your position. Don't for

Why is highest and best use analysis important in estimating

Discuss the differences between the following types of listing agreements: open, exclusive agency, and exclusive right to sell. Which type do brokers most likely prefer? Why i


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