Dogood donor team requested data for the following queries

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DoGood Donor team requested data for the following queries. Write SQL statements to perform the following tasks: 

· List each donor who is from Norfolk, VA. Include first name, last name, pledge date, and pledge amount. 

· List each month in year 2012 and the total amount of pledge payments made in that month. Display the month name, year and the total amount.

· Find out the project, which had the highest number of credit card payments. Display the project id, name, project fund goal and the number of credit card pledge payments. (Hint: Use cc for the credit card pledge payment type.)

· Display the donors who have made more than one pledge. Include the donor ID, first name, last name and number of pledges.

· Display all pledges made before September 01, 2012. Include all column data from the DD_PLEDGE table.

The DoGood Donor application contains a page that allows administrators to change the ID assigned to a donor in the DD_DONOR table. Create a PL/SQL block to handle this task. Include exception-handling code to address an error raised by attempting to enter a duplicate donor ID. If this error occurs, display the message “This ID is already assigned.” Test the code by changing donor ID 305. (Do not include a COMMIT statement; roll back any DML actions used.)

Reference no: EM131522192

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