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1. Tuttle died at age 96, leaving a will that she made at age 40 that provided that her three children would share her estate equally. At the time of her death, only one child, Anna, was living. Tuttle's two deceased children, Bill and Caroline, each had two children who were living at the time of Tuttle's death. Anna is claiming that she is entitled to the entire estate because the bequests to Bill and Caroline lapsed upon their deaths prior to Tuttle's death. How will the estate be settled?

2. What if Tuttle, when she was 95, had talked to a friend about her will and had told her friend that she didn't like any of her grandchildren because they were loud, listened to awful music, and did not have good work ethics. In the same conversation Tuttle declaimed, "I don't need to change the will I made at 40 because the grandchildren are not mentioned in the will and everything is going to Anna since my other two children are no longer alive." Does Tuttle's statement change anything?

Reference no: EM131166287

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