Do you think schools foster those skills in the way teachers

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Watch the Tedx Talks video, Play, Passion, Purpose: Tony Wagner @ TEDxNYED

In his Ted Talk, Tony Wagner shares that our schools are not failing and do not need reforming. Rather, he shares, our system is obsolete and needs reinventing.

Given the idea that we need to prepare our students for a future in which there are many uncertainties, including which jobs will be of importance or even in existence, is the way in which teachers are gaining leadership opportunities contrary to this thinking?

If the research shows that students need to think in new ways, do you think schools foster those skills in the way teachers are expected to operate? Are there changes you would suggest?

Required Resources


Lopez, D. (2013). No excuses university: How six exceptional systems are revolutionizing our schools (2nd ed.). Turnaround Schools Publications.

Chapter 10: Interventions (p.120)

This chapter addresses how to take action in order to improve a situation. It places value on interventions put into place for extra support, and not simply using interventions when something needs to be fixed.

Newman, R. (2013). Teaching and learning in the 21st century: Connecting the dots (2nd ed.). Retrieved from

Chapter 13: Staying on Top of Your Game

This chapter analyzes how schools can effectively engage the community and ensure that collaboration and learning are center stage for all staff.

Chapter 14: Leading and Learning for Success

This chapter discusses the research on teacher leadership, why it is critical to a teacher's development, and how it provides opportunities for teachers to contribute to a vibrant school community. It is also examine strategies to improve teacher effectiveness and how to stay updated on research-based practices.


TEDx Talks.(2012, May 31). Play, passion, purpose: Tony Wagner @ TEDxNYED

In this video, Tony Wagner discusses the changing focus of education and the importance of students having more than just knowledge; what we need to care about is what we can do with our knowledge.

Recommended Resources


Heifetz, R., Groshow, A., & Linsky, M. (2009). The practice of adaptive leadership. Boston, MA: Harvard Business Press

Discusses the concept of adaptive leadership and how to move an organization based on levels of authority.

Spillane, J. P. (2006). Distributed leadership. San Francisco, CA: Jossey Bass

Analyzes the concept of distributed leadership and the impact it can have on school communities.

Reference no: EM132281070

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