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Complete a 8-page research paper (doubled spaced). The paper will research the management philosophy of Theory of Constraints (TOC). The paper will be completed in Modern Language Association (MLA) format. Students are expected to cite at least 5 (five) relevant sources from academically valid journals, books, Internet, etc. Do not use your textbook and Wikipedia as a reference. When: See the Course Syllabus/Schedule for due-in date/time. The research paper will include the following:

1-page cover sheet 1-page abstract 3-pages of research text 1-page conclusion 1-page bibliography

Research Paper writing guidelines - Did your paper: Have a definite introduction, body and conclusion? Did you use transitional expressions: such as "likewise," "furthermore," "another example is," so that ideas flow smoothly throughout the paper? Have sufficient information to support ideas: provided enough explanation, examples, quotes so that each idea is thoroughly explained and easy to understand? Present ideas logically with sound explanations? Follow through with main idea such as presenting information in order to prove a point? Have a clear sense of purpose? Have sentences that made sense? Display a clear understanding of assignment? Use proper grammar? Punctuate correctly? Have no spelling/typographical errors? Use proper documentation of sources: knowledge of correct MLA documentation?

Reference no: EM131042874

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