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Is schizophrenia produced by a real carnal irregularity in the mind? Numerous studies of individuals with schizophrenia have established irregularities in brain construction for instance enlarged ventricles that are in the brain, and reduced brain scopes in convinced areas.  With that said, this paper will compare and contrast three therapeutic interventions used to treat schizophrenia which is Cognitive-behavioral therapy, electroconvulsive therapy and music therapy.

This Paper contains:

1.      An introduction to the paper

2.      Introduction of Schizophrenia

3.      Cognitive Behaviour Therapy

4.      Procedure

5.      Electroconvulsive Therapy

6.      Schizophrenia Treatment

  • How ECT works?
  • When ECT procedure is Over?
  • Music therapy
  • Conclusion
  • Works cited

It is likewise significant to be able to reflect the position of the clinic or hospital where the ECT will be accomplished. As with some medical process, competent staff can mean the alteration that goes on among a monotonous procedure and also a dangerous one. 

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