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1. Alfred, Mario, and Lydia have worked together on the same team for three years. The company has just hired a new personnel director at their facility. The new director recommends a total restructuring of all jobs, including teams. Alfred is experiencing anxiety, Lydia is angry, and Mario is relieved as they all realize they must soon disengage and ultimately separate from the team. Alfred, Mario, and Lydia are in the _____ stage of team development.

a. forming

b. norming

c. storming

d. adjourning

e. performing

2. Houston, a project manager at Universe Inc., was the man behind the company's shift to a new culture that focused on being assertive with its clients. In the context of Hofstede's dimensions, the cultural dimension _____ best describes Universe Inc.

a. masculinity

b. collectivism

c. low power distance

d. uncertainty avoidance

e. short-term orientation

3. Halle is on a team that has just been formed. There are people of a wide variety of ages and ethnicities, and there is an even blend of men and women. Halle's team demonstrates

a. deep-level diversity.

b. surface-level diversity.

c. high task interdependence.

d. conjunctive task completion.

e. low outcome interdependence.

4. Every day at Coat Tech, Bill sands down cars and then Brian removes the dust. Next, Loni sprays primer on them, and Katie sprays paint and a topcoat on them. Finally, Lyle dries the cars and polishes them. Each person is the best team member at performing the job he or she does. Coat Tech's workers have _____ interdependence.

a. task

b. goal

c. virtual

d. outcome

e. sequential

5. Daphne is the top performing nurse on the maternity ward at Downtown General Hospital. In advance of her annual performance review, her supervisor, Raul, begins observing her work behavior more closely to facilitate a more thorough review. One day, a doctor begins berating a nurse for not notifying him of a patient's change in medication, and Daphne steps in to defuse the situation by explaining that the medication was changed from to a brand name drug to an identical generic version. Another day, Raul watches as Daphne works with two other nurses to sort out how best to deal with the aggressive husband of a woman recovering from a five-week premature delivery. Additionally, Raul sees that Daphne keeps a daily calendar of events and tasks. Going into the performance review, Raul concludes that Daphne is exhibiting a high degree of

A. group cohesion.

B. devil's advocacy.

C. boundary spanning.

D. teamwork competency.

E. groupthink competency.

6. The job of a parole board primarily involves making decisions by applying rules to an applicant's case and then deciding whether or not the individual should be granted parole. This process uses the parole board members' ability in the area of _____ reasoning.

a. syllogistic

b. deductive

c. inductive

d. spatial

e. verbal

7. Gus works in a lumber yard, and he has to throw heavy wooden posts up onto a conveyor. Gus has to use a high level of

a. explosive strength.

b. dynamic strength.

c. perceptual speed.

d. flexibility.

e. stamina.

8. Naomi works for a medium-sized farm. She and the other farmhands often have to lift heavy bales of hay into the back of a truck so they can feed the horses and cows. Naomi has a high level of

a. static strength.

b. response time.

c. depth perception.

d. perceptual speed.

e. fine manipulative abilities.

9. At Bark Shape industries, each employee has a workspace in which to debark logs used to make rustic homes and patio furniture. The policy is that everyone on a team must remain at his or her workstation until everyone has secured the logs they were working on. At the end of the shift, everyone on team C is ready to go home, but they are waiting on Felipe, who still has not secured his logs. Exceeding the time allocated in a shift hurts the production rating of a team. Team C is witnessing a(n) _____ task.

a. Conjunctive

b. Disjunctive

c. Subtractive

d. Additive

e. Virtual

10. Zenda's psychology curriculum required her to study an individual's personality type using the process of interviewing. She selected Evan, her brother's roommate, as her test subject. The highlighted points of her research were that Evan is a law graduate, who is a musician in his spare time. He is an independent person who paid his own way through law school. His friends get annoyed with his impulsive behavior. According to the RIASEC model, Zenda classified Evan under the _____ type of personality dimension.

a. artistic

b. realistic

c. enterprising

d. investigative

e. conventional

11.  A small outdoor athletic footwear company, Choose-to-Reuse Shoes, prides itself on its "green" image. Twice a year, the company puts out a call to its customers, telling them that if they send in a used pair of shoes in workable condition, they will receive a coupon good for 50 percent off a new pair. The company then repackages the shoes and ships them to three different international charities. This year Jenna, the VP of marketing, has been asked to take charge of the project. If she were to use the principles of network structure, which approach would Jenna take to maximize the efficiency of the charitable effort?

A. set up a competition between departments to see who can collect the most shoes

B. ask the department heads to oversee their employees' contributions to the overall effort

C. make employees responsible for collecting, packaging, and shipping their own charity packages

D. outsource the work to a logistics company that will handle the collection and distribution at another location

E. name one employee to coordinate the effort and have the group channel all its communications through that person

Reference no: EM132280922

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