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Final Project - International Business

Each student, individually, will prepare a typewritten report with the following as the subject: "Doing Business with and in the Philippines". You are to select a country by the end of Class 4 (May 17) with approval from the instructor. Note: Canada, UK, and Mexico are not options. Duplicates are not allowed within the class, first come, first served.

Format: Typewritten report must be 12 pt Times New Roman, double spaced, and follow standard APA formatting with sources properly cited.

This report should be written as if you were an employee of a US-based MNE and you have been tasked with exploring the possibility of conducting business with country [your selection]. You are to present to the company's executive staff a detailed overview on what it would entail to do business with and in this country. You are to present advantages and disadvantages, both from an institution-based view and a resource-based view. Assume that your company manufactures a product. Cover the issues associated with initially just selling the product in your selected country but also possibly producing your product in that country.

Provide a thorough overview of the informal institutions present in the selected country, including where this country is in the Hofstede Dimensions of Culture. Be sure to discuss how the informal institutions will affect how your company approaches this venture. Your task includes looking at the following non-equity types of entry, (Direct Exports and Licensing) and the following equity types of entry (Joint Venture, Greenfield Wholly Owned Subsidiary, and Acquisition).

In your discussion be sure to include how regional integration, that your selected country currently participates in, may be an advantage or disadvantage to your venture. Discuss corporate social responsibility and the different issues your company may face doing business in this country. Discuss currency exchange and how the currency of the subject country has performed compared to the dollar over the last 2 months, 1 year, and 2 years.

Include any other relevant subject that we have covered in class or anything that has popped up in your research that we may not have covered in class.

Reference no: EM13724166

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