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James Koontz agreed to purchase a Plymouth Sundance from Chrysler Credit Corporation (Chrysler) in exchange for sixty payments of $185.92. Koontz soon thereafter defaulted and Chrysler notified Koontz that, unless he made the payments, it would repossess the vehicle.

Koontz responded by notifying Chrysler that he would make every effort to make up missed payments, that he did not want the car repossessed, and that Chrysler was not to enter his private property to repossess the vehicle. A few weeks later, Chrysler sent the M & M Agency to repossess the vehicle. Koontz, dressed only in his underwear, came outside and yelled, ‘‘Don't take it!''

The repossessor ignored him and took the car anyway. Koontz did not physically challenge or threaten the repossessor. Discuss whether Chrysler legally repossessed the automobile.

Reference no: EM131390467

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