Discuss what kinds of skills will be required in employees

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Analysis of digital/social media based transformation of a company:

Identify a firm that you know something about, for example a media company, a non-profit firm, a retailer, a manufacturing firm or a bank that has adopted social media and digital marketing technologies or is seriously thinking of doing so. It could be the organization that you work for or one that you are familiar with based on your network.

Explore how the concepts introduced during the course have altered your perception of how they should manage their business, particularly the adoption and usage of social and digital media and the overall transition to the digital world.

You could focus on key business processes such as engagements with its customers, or employees or suppliers. Alternatively you could look at internal processes that can be optimized using big-data analytics.

Discuss what kinds of skills will be required in employees (may be under-supplied too) in the future of the digital economy that you envisage.

Write your report in 2500 words count. Please write title page, index page and references in end, please make sure your report must be included answers for all above questions clearly.

Word Limit: 2500

References: Required

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Reference no: EM13685274

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