Discuss the successes and failures of the change process

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DQ #1: Change Initiatives

Using the Ashford University Library, find an article that reviews an organizational change initiative. Summarize the article and discuss the successes and failures of the change process. Analyze the strategies used for the change process and why they were a success or failure. Use concepts found in our text to support your points.

DQ #2: Images of Managing Change

This week's lecture and assigned resources provide us with six images of managing change and each of the images is based on differing assumptions. Select two of the images. Evaluate each image and then compare and contrast the role that the images play within the change process.

Reference no: EM131345071

Important information about career development plan

Using the Electronic Reserve Readings (ERR), Internet, and/or additional resources - prepare a five-year career development plan for a credit card company call center

Global strategy in action

In preparation, your ethical principles will be tested with a short case study where Duke's Fuqua School of Business was under scrutiny in the manner it addressed the ten pe

What is the research problem or issue

Who or what is affected by this problem or issue?What are some specific examples of research studies, evaluations, reports, literature reviews, etc. that address it?What are t

Advantages and drawbacks of leaders empowering

What are the potential advantages and drawbacks of leaders empowering their employees? What would you do as a leader to maximize the advantages and minimize the drawbacks?

Relationship among human resource management

What three important points on human resource management, specifically, on the relationship among human resource management, organizational effectiveness? Why are they impor

Identify the gap in the literature

Craft the framework of the research topic "Retaining Minority Non-traditional in higher education" by using articles found that relates to the research topic(Retaining Minor

Response the question related to decision making and unions

Response the Question related to Decision Making and Unions.Propose a strategy human resource managers should adopt in order to ensure employees know they can voice their eth

Workforce shifts created for today''s hr manager

Using this lead-in as the context, describe the workforce shifts in types of jobs during the past hundred years. Also, answer the over-arching question, "What implications h


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