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Discuss the role of the World Trade Organization and its impact on member countries. a. How is the WTO organized? b. How are policies and regulations established? c. When and who can file a dispute? d. Who is in charge of dispute resolutions and how are disputes resolved? e. How have WTO policies and regulations impacted the U.S. Economy? Be specific. Provide examples. f. How have WTO policies and regulations impacted U.S. Citizens? Be specific. Provide examples. i. Start with the information provided in the slides and supplement that with your own research on how the WTO operates and its rules and regulations. ii. Discuss the impact of the WTO on the ability of nations to maintain their sovereignty. iii. Discuss the impact of the WTO on maintaining the inequalities between the global north and global south. iv. Some Google research should help you with this question.

Reference no: EM131225663

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