Discuss the role of project steering and review committees

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Health care leaders understand their role as change managers. Managing organizational change in health information systems initiatives can be very complex and concurrently rewarding, if carried out strategically. When a health information system implementation is completed effectively and efficiently with stakeholders' interest and the appropriate health care decision-making model(s) are utilized; the result is a quality IT project that is not only ready for the next generation, but is ready for new technology convergence. In a 300-word initial post, address the following points:

1. Discuss each of the different types of organizational change.

2. Name and discuss four project manager's objectives.

3. Discuss the role of the Project Steering and Review Committees.

4. Discuss some of the reasons why IT projects fail to deliver returns.

5. Discuss how IT value is realized in Information Technology projects.

Reference no: EM131055364

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