Discuss the role of integrated marketing communications

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Discuss the role of integrated marketing communications (IMC) in a small business's overall marketing strategy. List and discuss some potential cost savings of employing IMC.

Reference no: EM13676197

The effectiveness of distribution strategies

6.Write a two- to three-page (600- to 1000-word) reflective essay that evaluates the effectiveness of distribution strategies by answering all the questions listed in Step

Market globally or not

The first step is to decide whether you need to market globally or not. For the purposes of this class, you have decided to market your hotel or bed & breakfast beyond the

Describe and results as appropriate

Give example of how Social Media is used effectively by a least one company and explain why it is an effective tool for that company. Describe and results as appropriate.

Why is roa good measure of retailers financial performance

Compare and contrast the calculated financial figures for Tiffany & TJX. Analyze and discuss why the percentages and ratios differ for the two retailers - Analyze which ret

Culture of global firms tend to become ethnocentric

The Perot Corporation believes that the mere fact that it is an American firm will give it an edge in NIE markets. Do you agree or not? One of the reasons for a deficient cus

Given the forecasted changes in the u.s. demographic

Given the forecasted changes in the U.S. demographic composition, name several products (not brands) that will realize increasing demand. Also, name several products that

Negative development for the u.s. economy

The Euro has had many problems during the last few years with the sovereign debt crisis in Greece, Italy, Spain, Portugal, and Ireland. Is this a positive or negative dev

Increase product revenue over time

From the scenario, analyze the goals, product, price, and promotion for the new product launch in each stage of the product life cycle. Recommend two (2) marketing tactic


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