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Read the paper "Airport 95: Automated Baggage System?" and write a summary of the paper. Please use the following guidelines to organize your summary:

1. Problem addressed:
What is the main research problem addressed in the article? Summarize the research questions in a few sentences.

2. Prior research: Briefly discuss the body of literature that is used to motivate the research. You may need to review some of the key articles referenced by the authors. Identify any shortcomings in the prior literature that the article addresses.

3. Methodology:
Discuss the research methodology used for the study. Explain whether you think that the methodology used is an appropriate one (cite references where relevant). Identify possible problems with the methods used. For empirical work discuss the statistical models used and the sources of data for the study. For theoretical work discuss the models and techniques used.

4. Contributions:
Summarize the significant results and contributions made by the authors.

5. Further research:
Identify possible areas in which the research can be extended. Does the article call for further research on any specific issue? Identify limitations of the article and formulate them as potential research questions.


Reference no: EM13334634

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