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Learning outcomes

1. Demonstrate a critical understanding of how an organisation can assess its internal capabilities to position itself to gain a competitive advantage in a complex and turbulent environment.

2. Demonstrate an ability to evaluate alternative strategies given the multifaceted nature of strategic decisions and examine how they can be successfully implemented.

Business success depends upon effective strategic choices as to which industry an organisation will complete in and how competitive advantage will be achieved in that industry. There is a case study relating to Marks and Spencer which requires you to consider the usefulness of conceptual models and frameworks in practice. Answer questions set taking into account the mark distribution for each question.

- Using Microsoft Word the assignment must be written in English.

- Your submissions should be submitted on A4 paper, one sided and double-spaced using a minimum of 12-point point font size, with a one-inch margin on each side of the paper.

- The assignment should be submitted electronically via the module moodle site no later than 12pm on the date stated on the cover sheet.

- Any references should be clearly shown and in Harvard format.

- The assessments must be your own work and adhere to the presentation requirements outlined above. Cheating and plagiarism is considered to be a serious issue within the University.


1. Porter's Five Force Analysis was developed to explain the profit potential of an industry.

a) Discuss the nature of each of the Five Forces and use the model to analyse Marks and Spencer's competitive position.

b) Review the difficulties of utilising this model in practice.

2. a) Ansoff's growth strategy matrix identifies four alternative ways to expand a business. Explain the main dimensions of the model and the associated growth strategies discussing the degree of risk associated with the different development initiative.

b) Use Ansoff's model to illustrate the growth strategies that Marks and Spencerhas implemented.

c) Review the difficulties of utilising this model in practice.

3. Produce a SWOT analysis for Marks and Spencer

4. Produce an evaluation of Marks and Spencer's current position.

5. Professionalism of Presentation including Referencing.

Reference no: EM131373582

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