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Q 1. Describe at least two strategies that a firm can use to overcome the challenges associated with transportation infrastructure congestion.

Q 2. Why does customer service not increase proportionately to increases in total cost when a logistical system is being designed?

The relationship between service value and the costs required to achieve subsequently higher levels of service is non-linear. That is the value derived from higher levels of service is not constant relative to costs that also lack constancy. Marginal improvements in service derive diminishing returns found in economies. The further you pursue and activity the more difficult it is to achieve each additional increment of change to continually improve customer service logistics, the firm must shorten performance cycles and meet needs proficiently, generating higher levels for the customer. This requires investment in more facilities while also generating higher variable costs. At some point, it becomes unreasonable to seek greater output regardless of the level of inputs within the network design.

Q 3. Explain the differing orientations of strategic vis-a-vis tactical transportation decisions.

Q 4. Describe "functional aggregation" and discuss how this is relevant to logistics.

Q 5. What approaches can be taken to develop a supply chain infrastructure that provide and accurate view of overall channel performance?

Q 6. Explain the differing orientations of optimization techniques vis-a-vis simulation techniques for logistics networks analysis.

Q 7. Please discuss the implications for supply chain leadership as their focus shifts from minimizing total supply chain management cost to maximizing firm sustainability.

Q 8. Discuss the marketing and supply chain risks and benefits related to product complexity.

Q 9. Identify and discuss the trade-offs associated with operating a supply chain that handles both forward and reverse movements as compared with separate supply chains for these movements.

Q 10. Thinking back upon this course's content and the SCM Globe Simulation, please discuss the authors' assertion: "The logistics manager of the future will be much more of a change leader and much less of a technician."

Reference no: EM13711004

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