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For this Assignment, you will again use the concepts you have learned in the course to analyze cases. While you should rely primarily on the textbook readings, if you include other outside research, it must be from peer-reviewed behavior analytic journals. The case studies are located in the Doc Sharing area.

After reviewing each case study, write out the answers to the following questions for each case:

Case 1: The Case of Brenda

1. Provide the rationale for the behavior analyst's selection of behavior chaining to help Brenda.

2. Discuss the main components of chaining and describe three common chaining procedures. Which would you select for Brenda and why?

3. Suppose that Brenda was having difficulty mastering an aspect of the behavior chain. What could the behavior analyst do to help with the mastery of this component of the chain? Also, discuss the two ways that mastery of a unit of behavior may be assessed.

Case 2: The Case of Mrs. Riley

1. Discuss the rationale for the behavior analyst's recommendation of a token economy system to help Mrs. Riley with her class.

2. Explain the six steps in forming a token economy and the rationale for each step.

3. Discuss the role of tokens and back-up reinforcers in the token economy system. How does each work to modify behavior? Using the case study, identify the token and back-up reinforcer. Bonus: What is the concern with the token selection in this case?

Your total Assignment must be between 2-4 pages in 12-point font. Please be sure to use proper APA format for all sources used. Direct quoting of sources should be kept to a minimum.

Attachment:- Case Study.rar

Reference no: EM131413377

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