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TARDIS Travel currently has branches in 50 cities around the country from which they organize all aspects of their clients' travel arrangements. TARDIS Travel's marketing research team has established that the majority of its customers are between the ages of 18 and 45 and are regular uses of the Web. In recent times, the business hasreceived feedback from many of them that they enjoy the convenience of online purchasing and would appreciate TARDIS Travel having an online presence.

TARDIS Travel latest market and financial reports have indicated that turnover is down and that it is losing market share. Further investigation show that this is primarily because of its lack of an online presence in an increasingly dynamic, highly competitive and online business environment. The business now recognises that it must go online if it wishes to regain its market share and to continue to be competitive into the future. 

Your consulting company, Yana Consulting, has been contracted by TARDIS Travel to investigate its business practices and the current practices of the online travel industry and to recommendations how TARDIS Travel might best make a successful transition into this environment. 

You are required to:

  1. Investigate onl ine business models to identify a suitable model for TARDIS Travel.
    • Its Board of Directors  will want to know why you recommend the chosen model, so ensure that you  discuss the appropriateness, advantages and challenges of your  recommended Revenue Model for this organization.
  2. Identify and discus s a suitable marketing and promotion strategy and discuss the benefits and challenges of your recommended strategy for TARDIS Travel.
    • Any successful marketing  and promotion strategy would need to consider the competitive environment  of the travel industry.
  3. Develop a wirefr ame (using the tools provided on the Study Desk) of the proposed website w ith at least three pages that shows how it will present to potent ial customers.
    • Both desktop computer  and mobile devices should be considered.
  4. Describe and discuss the  implications of the legal and ethics issues that might arise in conducting  this business online.
  5. Explain the technology  infrastructure, including the hardware requirements, which would be  required.
  6. Identify and explain the  purpose and function of the type of software that would be suitable for TARDIS  Travel.
  7. Identify the advantages  and challenges of taking this organisation online.
  8. Based upon the outcomes  of the above investigation make clear recommendations for this online  initiative.

Reference no: EM13310379

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