Discuss the application of quality concerns

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Assignemnt: Prepare a presentation for the given below topics: (Choose any one)

1. Choose any service company and discuss the application of quality by its two components (People & Technology).

2. Choose any manufacturing company and discuss the application of quality concerns at any four functions of the system.

Instructions: 1. Number of students in a group: 3-4

2. Submission via Blackboard. Submission should include one document arranged as the following:

• Cover page

• Report

• Presentation

3. Name of the file should be labeled as the following: [BUS 243/Group #/Sec #]

4. Evaluation will be based on individual contribution and also Group work

5. Summary should be submitted as Report with the references.

(Justify the text, Use Font: Times New Roman, Font Size 12, and Line Spacing: 1.5, References in APA format)

Reference no: EM132235175

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