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Each team will be responsible for reviewing the following:

1. Wegmans Food Markets Operations the Stevenson text.

2. Wegmans Food Markets Operations Tour, Shipping System, the Stevenson text.

3. The Wegmans website (https://www.wegmans.com)

Each team will prepare a written case study with the following requirements:

1. Cover page that includes:

a. Course number and name
b. Case name
c. Team member names
d. Date submitted
e. Respectfully submitted to your instructor

2. Introduction. This section must be 1/2 page-1 page.

3. Discuss operations management concepts from the textbook that are found in the case, including page numbers where the concepts may be found. Credit will only be earned for concepts supported by text page numbers. The discussion will (1) describe the concept and (2) discuss and evaluate how it is implemented. Support your discussion with outside sources. This section must be 3-4 pages.

4. Discuss major issues needing attention and/or specific actions the firm should take to improve operations. Support your discussion with outside sources. This section must be 3-4 pages.

5. Provide a detailed description of how 2 of the items found above could be resolved. This must include (1) operations management technique from the text to be applied, (2) method of application, and (3) method of evaluating success of the plan. Support your discussion with outside sources. This section must be 3-4 pages.

6. Conclusion to summary of key points from your paper and key conclusions reached. This section must 1/2 page-1 page.

7. Any appendices for the paper to include graphics.

8. Reference section, which must include at least 7 sources that are cited in the paper.

General Guidelines:

1. Use current APA edition for all formatting.

2. Use at least 2 levels of indentation.

3. Do not include graphics in the text; add them as appendices.

4. Avoid the use of direct quotations; rather, focus on paraphrasing to demonstrate critical thinking.

5. Font size of 12 or smaller.

6. Margins of 1 inch or smaller.

7. The total page count must be 10 pages, not including front matter, appendices, and references.

Reference no: EM13864410

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