Discuss importance of correlation-probabilistic branching

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Discuss the importance of correlation, probabilistic branching and probabilistic calendars and how the aforementioned are useful for project cost risk analysis. Discuss how you would incorporate correlation, probabilistic branching and probabilistic calendars into your risk analysis.

Reference no: EM13845612

What was the capacity utilization rate last month

1. A manucaturing shop is designed to operate most effeciently at an output of 550 units per day. In the past month the plant produced 490 units. What was the capacity ut

Encouraging the development of cultural rituals

As a cell phone marketer, how might you boost sales and usage by influencing cultural rituals and encouraging the development of cultural rituals? Provide examples. Brainstorm

Is there a best way to implement lean

Critically analyse the theory, concepts and models of operations and information management and demonstrate an understanding of the strategic importance of information manag

Paint mural of little cherubs on his dining room ceiling

Andy enters into a contract with John to redecorate his New York penthouse. John sets to work immediately. He install new wallpaper and lighting in Andy's house, and paint a m

How to conduct analyses of clients insurability

As part of an insurance company’s training program, participants learn how to conduct analyses of clients’ insurability. The goal is to have participants achieve a time in the

Project change to be implemented once the tools

What are the steps for a project change to be implemented once the tools have validated concerns for the project? Your response should be at least 200 words in length. You are

What are the two main levers of revenue management

What are the two main levers of revenue management? When looking at time series data and wanting to forecast demand for a Friday night, one would look at the data from previou

What is the current process capability as measured by cp

The Sudso Beer Company is required to fill all bottles as advertised with a minimum fill of 12 ounces. Each bottle will only hold 12.25 ounces. The current process fill is run


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