Discuss how utility based resource allocation operates
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The strategic role that information systems play in an organisation to attain competitive advantage is crucial to survive in a challenging business environment; however, it is the responsibility of management to ensure that the challenges faced are successfully overcome. Critically discuss the possible challenges faced by SAHARA and management's responsibility in overcoming them.


SAHARA used utility-based resource allocation for demand-driven load sharing across provider resources. Critically discuss how utility based resource allocation operates in wireless networks and the reasons as to why it was successful within SAHARA's infrastructure.


"Technology‘s general impact on the world will most likely become more ubiquitous than ever before". Critically discuss this statement with reference to SAHARA.


Competitive advantage is the goal of strategic positioning. Explain competitive advantage asa construct and discuss the scope and nature of ‘Knowledge-and-Information-Systems"enabled competitive strategy in a business space characterised by intense competition anddynamic consumer behaviour."

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