Discuss how the process of variation selection and retention

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a. How do you feel about the prospect of becoming a manager and having to manage a set of relationships with other companies rather than just managing your own company? Discuss

b. The population-ecology perspective argues that it is healthy for society to have new organizations dying as the environment changes. Do you agree? Why would European countries pass laws to sustain traditional organization and inhibit the emergence of new ones?

c. Discuss how the process of variation, selection, and retention might explain innovations that take place within an organization.

d. Do you believe that legitimacy really motivates a large powerful organization such as Walmart? Is acceptance by other people a motivation for individuals as well? Explain.

e. How does the desire for legitimacy result in organizations becoming more similar over time?

f. How do mimetic forces differ from normative forces? Give and example of each.

Reference no: EM131440320

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