Discuss how standards of care influence direct services
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Assignment 1: (RA): Research Report on Issue in Human Services History

In this assignment, you will explore the field of human services with emphasis on its history and the effects, both positive and negative, it has had on people. This assignment allows you to identify and follow the evolution of the influence of social policy, theory, and outcomes of practices on human services delivery. The activities in this assignment will introduce students to the types of activities that have influenced real-world administrative roles. At the end of the assignment, you will be able to conceptualize how the policy and practice issues influence the operation of human services agencies.

Tasks: Select and research an issue in human services history that has impacted the delivery of services. In a 6 page report, complete the following:

  • Describe the issue, its background, and the key people who were involved.
  • Explain how the issue or these key people have changed or defined human services.
  • Discuss the issue and the key people's impact on theory, practices, and ethics, and how these issues have changed service delivery systems.
  • Evaluate and discuss if the changes are still evident today or have become extinct.

Examples of issues may include, but are not limited to, the Civil Rights Movement, Family Medical Leave Act, GI Bill, work/life balance, and childhood vaccinations.

Assignment 2: Accountability Standards

Accountability standards are used to measure an agency's compliance with the rules and regulations that govern their practice. These standards are set forth by legislators, ethics boards, funding sources, and licensing boards. The main purpose of these standards is to ensure that clients receive the highest level of care.

In this assignment, you will assess the influence of accountability standards on human services work. This exercise will sharpen your ability to recognize the importance of accountability in human services work in addition to encouraging you to process the related challenges in meeting the standards.

Tasks: Write a 2-page essay on the influence of accountability standards, leadership style, and diversity on an organization. In the essay, discuss the following:

  • Discuss how standards of care influence direct services.
  • Discuss the influence these standards have on how leaders of agencies manage daily operations in an agency.
  • Discuss the influence of accountability standards on the satisfaction of direct service workers in addition to how this might influence how the workers relate with the managers of the agency.

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