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Complete the case study provided as a comprehensive leadership plan analysis). This paper continues the saga of Joseph Dunn's leadership at Dunn's Ski Emporium and The Deli.

You are to help Dunn address his role as relationship builder. Interface the plan you have created in leader vs. manager assignment with a plan for Dunn's need to address the potential threats to workforce harmony. Emphasize his role as leader and what he can do to build his relationship with his employees so that he empowers his managers and workforce to implement his vision for the company.

The goal of this paper is to have students link the concepts of Dunn as a social architect, change agent, and individual to Dunn as a relationship builder. Think of a relationship builder as a leader who aligns people to his or her vision. Again, students will write from the leader's perspective.

Remember that in order to determine strategic direction, the leader must look inward, outward, forward and beyond.

Students will create a Leadership Plan:

Discuss the role of Dunn as a leader to motivate, empower, create followers, and promote communication;

Discuss how Dunn should address cultural diversity within the organization;

Discuss the areas in the original plan that would require change to accommodate Dunn's role as a relationship builder.

Discuss how Dunn can use John's knowledge of The Deli business to his advantage;

Students are expected to be creative but realistic in applying the concepts from the course to expand Dunn's environment and leadership role.

Reference no: EM13821499

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