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International Business

IDP 1- 1200 words

You want to launch a business internationally, and you need to choose 3 countries-1 in the Middle East, 1 in Asia, and 1 in Latin America.

What are some of the components of these cultures that you need to understand from a business standpoint?

How are they different in each country? Specifically, what considerations will be necessary to facilitate collaboration across these cultures? Identify supervisory skills appropriate to respond to your considerations.

Can you have a U.S. management style in these countries? In support of your answer, show how various issues would influence the success of multicultural teamwork.

How are their economic systems classified? Explain why they are classified as such.

After studying these countries, explain whether you should or should not move forward with your business plan.

Discuss current management practices and principles used in the current global business environment.

Summarize the opportunities and risks of doing business in foreign countries.

Explain how differences between foreign and domestic environments impact the conduct of business.

Describe how global managers are able to influence management decisions despite cultural and language differences.

Compare alternative organizational structures for international operations.

Discuss strategies organizations can pursue for international market expansion.

Reference no: EM131358836

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