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Project Introduction:

The project in the course is based on ethical theories and its application in real life. There are two parts to this project. In Part 1 of the project, which deals with ethical theories, you will compare and contrast the leading ethical theories. In Part 2 of the project, you will be practically applying these theories in issues of culture and civilization, justice, contemporary ethical debates, and your chosen field of study and career.

In the course project, you will use your course notes, textbook, lessons, and perform research on the internet to discuss the questions


Be sure to use outline points as headers to ensure that each required topic is covered in an organized and effective way.

Title: An Introduction to Ethical Theories

Answer the following questions:

1) What, according to you, is ethics?

2) Discuss the following approaches to the study of morality and identify the approach that is closest to your own.

3) Explain the following sources of ethics with the help of an example.
Reason based ethics
Emotion based ethics
Intuitionism Virtue Ethics (Individualism) and Care Ethics (Collectivism)

4) Include a general discussion with three core features (with at least one criticism) of Virtue Ethics.
Discuss Aristotle's Nicomachean Ethics.
Explain the Golden Mean.
Discuss Confucian Moral Self-Cultivation.
Provide an example of Virtue Ethics

5) Include a general discussion with three core features (with at least one criticism) of Care Ethics
Provide an Example of Care Ethics.
Explain your personal viewpoint on Care Ethics.
Absolutism v. Relativism

6) Define Absolutism and provide an example of absolutist ethical decision.

7) Define Relativism and provide an example of a relativist ethical decision.

8) Define and discuss Cultural Relativism

9) Reflect on whether you are an absolutist or relativist Consequentialism v. Deontological Ethics

10) Define Consequentialism and discuss the pros and cons of both Act and Rule Utilitarianism. Provide your own insights on Utilitarianism

11) Explain the following types of egoism with the help of an example:
Psychological Egoism
Ethical Egoism
Individual Ethical Egoism
Universal Ethical Egoism

12) Include a general discussion with three core features (with at least one criticism) of Deontological Ethics.

13) Compare and contrast Kant's Absolutism with Ross' Prima Facie Duties.

14) Provide an Example of Ethical Nonconsequentialism.

15) Reflect on whether you are a deontologist or a consequentialist Free Will v. Determinism

16) Analyze Free Will and Determinism, their potential compatibility. Discuss your own reflections on the subject.

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