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Different types of “Personal Power”. Identify and explain the four primary sources of personal power.   In your experience/opinion, which of these four sources is most important and why? Identify a real-life leader that you highly respect. What do you think is/are his/her primary source(s) of personal power? Use at least one outside reference to support your answer. [minimum 500 words]

Reference no: EM131434334

Explain typical costs associated with machinery equipment

In most cases, manufacturing equipment is more expensive in Germany, France, or some other European countries when compared to the U.S. and Asia. In this week’s individual ass

Non-competition clauses are unenforceable

Non-competition clauses are unenforceable in many States except in limited situations for policy reasons. What is the policy for restricting the validity of such clauses? Desc

Quickest from such an improvement to data collection

What area, function, or division of an organization you are familiar with would benefit the quickest from such an improvement to data collection? Marketing? Finance? R&D?

Self-driving cars could affect the insurance industry

Suppose your job out after graduating college is working at a large insurance company. your boss asks you to analyze the impact self-driving cars will have on revenues from ca

Threats to sustainability of their competitive advantage

Briefly description of what the company does: What is the value that it creates to its customers? How do they make money out of that value they create? What are the major reso

Any instances where letting the client being involved

Are there any instances where letting the client being involved in team discussions and activities be valuable? Are there some type of project where a manager would be more be

Characterized by underdevelopment of social cognition

Suppose you are interested in how children with severe autism experienced the receipt of special education assistance in public schools. This population is characterized by un

What is the distinction between ethics and morality

What is the distinction between ethics and morality? Discuss the different meanings of the word "ethics," and include examples that elucidate the distinctions between these de


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