Different type of customers involved in the process

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Think of a “supply chain” for filling a doctor’s prescription. Please describe the following;

a) Describe the different type of customers involved in the process.

b) Build a strategy for determining the Voice of the customer and tracking how well their needs are fulfilled.

c) Create SIPOC for this process

d) Develop a process map

Reference no: EM131235545

Use of innovation and technology in training discipline

Briefly describe the organization's use of innovation and technology in the training discipline. How well do they appear to meet expectations for where the field of training a

Calculate the elasticity of supply-what will be the revenue

The owners, see that after seeing the change in profits from the price decrease in March. They go back to a price of $8.50 and sell 21,000 meals in April. They decide that the

Select a type of scheduling discussed

Select a type of scheduling discussed in Chapter 15 and present an example. Discuss how the performance of an organization may be affected if this type of scheduling is done w

Design an ethical dilemma

Design an ethical dilemma (about 100 words) that you might encounter personally in professional practice (as a researcher, manager, supervisor, employee, etc.) This must be a

Importance of project life cycle to project management

Explain the importance of the project life cycle to project management. Identify and define the phases within the project life cycle and explain their importance to the projec

What alternatives are available to isabelle

Isabelle Anderson is the North Carolina plant manager for Hall Manufacturing Company, a company that produces a line of relatively inexpensive painted wood furniture. Six mont

Average aggregate inventory value for raw material

A firm had the following annual data: COGS = $1,265M; Raw material used = $500M. Based on this data, can we calculate the weeks of supply of raw material although the average

Closest representation of your organizations current model

Defining the roles and responsibilities. Selecting the right organization structure, Putting the right skills and talent in place; compare your current or past employer's pres


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