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Discussion Question #1:

What role does culture play on managers in global situations. For example, a US firm in Saudi Arabia, Indonesia, Singapore or Germany would all face different problems from a cultural perspective. What about a foreign venture into North America.

Discussion Question #2:

Define "Communication Across Cultures". Describe cultural variables in communications through examples.

Reference no: EM131221912

Acceptance testing requirements described in contract

You are the Project Manager on a project where a seller is not performing in accordance with the contract. Specifically the products delivered by the seller so far do not meet

How much of product should be produced to maximize profits

If the company has available 100 pounds of material I and 200 pounds of material II, and if the profits for the three products are $20, $20, and $15, respectively, how much

Match the labor market strategy for its pay level

This salary data shows what XYZ, Inc. and its competitors are paying for certain jobs. XYZ wants to use a “match” the labor market strategy for its pay level. From this data,

Illustrate what other factors are relevant to this issue

Illustrate what o r factors are relevant to this issue. Elucidate how do changes in assumptions mentioned by o r managers affect proposal. Illustrate what position should Jim

Elucidate how many students on average will be waiting

Average arrival rate is 12 students per hour; also average service rate is 20 students per hour. Elucidate how many students, on average, will be waiting in line at any one

From the buyers perspective-how does internet affect cost

From the buyer’s perspective, how does the Internet affect costs?  Internet technology allows a company to price the same product differently for different customers. What do

Describe four examples of key energy plans

Describe four examples of key energy plans. Assess the main goals of the energy-planning efforts. Detail the actors involved in the energy planning. Explain the issues that mu

Discuss the results of investing based on stage of growth

Discuss the results of investing based on the stage of growth. Analyze the trends that you believe influenced the investing and the results. Predict the future of venture capi


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