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1. Inequality is an important issue across countries, not least because high levels of inequality to many people are immoral.Since globalistion is at least partly linked to inequality outcomes it is important to understand how linkages operate. in your view, how does economic globalisation affect the different forms of inequality that are commonly discuss?

2. The so-called Euro crisis still threatens the global economy. in the context of the crisis, Greece is the country that is most at risk and therefore receiving the most attention. Provide some background to the Greek situation and provide comments on why not only europe but also most other countries around he world are concerned about the problems of such a small country with such a small economy.

3. John Pilger's video on the problems associate with globalisation is highly critical of the WTO. What is the WTO and what are, firstly, its role and secondly its function? Include in your answer a description of the members of the WTO. What are your views on Pilger's advice that the WTO should be closed down and replaced with some more democratic alternative?

Reference no: EM131089084

Describe the amount and types of trainings employed

Describe the amount and types of trainings employed in your current or former organization. Include examples and support your examples with information you obtain from this

Objectives and organizational culture

Show how does an organization decide which form of organizational structure is best for its needs and how is an organization's culture created and maintained

Provide examples of how disney can generate

Provide examples of how Disney can generate more loyalty through "touch points". Please be sure to cite at least 7 specific touchpoint which can be altered in a way to generat

Question regarding the nontaxable benefits

Bill Mason is considering two job offers. Job 1 pays a salary of $43,300 with $5,310 of nontaxable employee benefits. Job 2 pays a salary of $40,500 and $6,380 of nontaxable

Xplain how would you make material procurement decisions

The purchase orders are executed by the Purchasing Office, not by your subordinates. Explain how would you make material procurement decisions: Autocratic Decision / Consult

Fewer customers returning items

Best Electronics Inc. offers a "no hassle" return policy. The number of items returned per day follows the normal distribution. The mean number of customer returns is 10.3

Analyze the three internal governance mechanisms

Analyze the three internal governance mechanisms and recommend a possible fourth mechanism that would help align the interests of managerial agents with those of the firm's

The purpose of this brief discussion assignment

I. Introduction: The purpose of this brief discussion assignment is to help you further develop your understanding of your employer's current or potential strengths. Because t


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