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In your own words, explain the relationship between JIT and Lean. In your answer, address (at a minimum), each of the following: 1.Key elements of each approach to production and operations management. 2.Similarities between the two approaches. 3.Differences between the two approaches. 4.How they can be integrated into one overarching operational philosophy.

Reference no: EM131132157

What are the benefits and drawbacks of having health program

What are the benefits and drawbacks of having a health program that varies by state versus having one that is uniform across the country? Do you find that the positives of sta

Holistic marketing orientation model

Consider Porter's values chain and the holistic marketing orientation model what implications do they have for marketing planing ? How would you structure a marketing plan to

Coverage be damaging to objective outcome of criminal trial

In what ways might pretrial news coverage be damaging to the objective outcome of a criminal trial? Given the emphasis that society places on freedom of the press and freedom

Simulation to estimate the probability

Write a Monte Carlo simulation to estimate the probability that if a 10 inch stick is broken at random in two places, the 3 pieces can form a triangle. Assume that the two loc

Execution and management of business processes

Innovative technologies help to improve the execution and management of business processes and ensure that a competitive position can be achieved or enhanced.  To implement a

Social scientific study

What questions would you like answered by a social scientific study? why are we seeing an increase in the number of homeless women and children? Be sure to list what you would

Explain why the four steps involved in controlling function

Explain why the four steps involved in the controlling function are important. Why is a good understanding of the various ratios used by accountants and managers important to

Problem statement and complete root-cause analysis

Address each of the following sections: Quality Tool Analysis Identify your problem statement and complete a root-cause analysis. Identify which quality tools you used to iden


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