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In your own words, explain the relationship between JIT and Lean. In your answer, address (at a minimum), each of the following: 1.Key elements of each approach to production and operations management. 2.Similarities between the two approaches. 3.Differences between the two approaches. 4.How they can be integrated into one overarching operational philosophy.

Reference no: EM131132157

General partner in a financial consulting business

While driving to her son's basketball game, Fiona, a general partner in a financial consulting business, causes a car accident causing serious injuries to Madeline. Madeline s

Benefit from higher economies of scale

A high degree of centralization can be useful for organizations that can benefit from higher economies of scale. Centralization may be recommended when conflicting goals and s

Quarterly change in the price per share of common stock

Over a five-year period, the quarterly change in the price per share of common stock for a major oil company ranged from 28% to 12%. A financial analyst wants to learn what ca

Utilize critical thinking in your personal-professional life

Describe the significant ways in which you would be able to utilize critical thinking in your personal and professional life. Discuss at least two (2) key concepts that you fe

The international organization for standardization

The International Organization for Standardization (ISO) is a network of the national standards institutes of 157 countries, on the basis of one member per country, with a Cen

Assumptions of industrial organization and resource based

Compare and contrast the premises and assumptions of the industrial organization (I/O) and resource-based (RBV) models of strategic planning. What benefits does each model off

Types of non-monetary motivators do you think are effective

What other types of non-monetary motivators do you think are effective (e.g., handwritten thank you notes, attention, friendliness)? Herzberg suggests that over-the-top pay wi

Major advantages that global companies

Determine the major advantages that global companies would have over domestic competitors in sustaining competitive advantage as a result of using offensive or defensive com


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