Differences between population policies of china and india

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Question: Response to these two answers, and answer these two questions below as well.

What are some of the differences between the population policies of China and India? What factors may have contributed to their success or failure?

One of the differences between population policies of China and India is that in China, they enforce the policy of one child per family which was designed with the aim of controlling the size or rather the span of its population. The dogma was implemented at the provincial dimension through fines that were forced dependent on the salary of the family and different variables. The policy was a success because it slowed and reduced the rate of population growth in China; however, due to gender preference and lack of abiding by the policy led to its failure. In addition, India uses the National family planning policy that imposes mandatory sterilization of the women in India. Some of the factors affecting the success of this policy are that it created prevalent fear amid the population in India and there was high gender preference as well.

What are the characteristics of those who migrate to urban areas? What positive and negative effects do their leaving have on those who remain? Explain what is meant by urban bias. What are the significant effects of urban bias?

Some of the characteristics of those that migrate to the urban areas from the rural areas are that they are often motivated with wanting to have more as compared to those that stay in the rural areas. Moreover, they are usually highly educated in the families, and so the families tend to send them to the urban areas to try and give it a shot. Also, they are usually entrepreneurial minded since they comprehend that their wages are tied to their performance, and they can only perform better when they have relocated to the urban areas. Additionally, to those who remain at the rural areas, it just gets better when the migrator is sending money back to them or rather the family with the aim of helping which is a positive effect. However, on the negative side of this is that there will be decreased yield or rather a productivity since their most robust worker is not available anymore.

Urban bias is the idea that most of the governments in unindustrialized nations support the urban segment in their advancement policies, therefore developing a widened gap amid rural and urban economies. Cities over the cost-diminishing benefits of agglomeration of economies and economies of scale and proximity, as well as various monetary and social externalities for numerous analysts the common expenses of progressively over-burdening of housing and social services, not to specify expanded crime, pollution and congestion can exceed these authentic urban preferred perspective.

References: Bloom, D. E., Canning, D., Hu, L., Liu, Y., Mahal, A., & Yip, W. (2010). The contribution of population health and demographic change to economic growth in China and India. Journal of Comparative Economics, 38(1), 17-33.

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Reference no: EM132184040

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