Difference between top-down and bottom-up processing

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Answer the following short Answer Questions:

1. Explain the difference between top-down and bottom-up processing. Include an example that was NOT used in the textbook to illustrate the difference.

2. Explain the difference between absolute threshold and difference threshold. Include an example that was NOT used in the textbook to illustrate the difference.

3. Explain how the Snellen eye chart is used to measure visual acuity. What does it mean to say that a person has 20/60 vision?

4. Explain the difference between figure and ground as it relates to shape and pattern perception. Include an example that was NOT used in the textbook to illustrate the difference.

5. Explain the difference between motion parallax and the kinetic depth effect. Include an example that was NOT used in the textbook to illustrate the difference.

6. Briefly describe two ways to diagnose visual color deficiencies.

7. What is biological motion? What purpose does it serve for humans and other animals?

8. What are otoacoustic emissions? Explain the difference between evoked otoacoustic emissions and spontaneous otoacoustic emissions.

9. What are the three types of auditory localization?

10. Explain the difference between absolute and relative pitch. Which type is important in transposition?

Answer each of the following essay questions:

1. Compare and contrast the different techniques used in classic psychophysics to determine absolute thresholds.

2. What specific roles do each of the following brain structures play in the processing of visual information? Superior Colliculus; Lateral Geniculate Nucleus; Visual Cortex

3. How do eye movements contribute to visual acuity?

4. Summarize the various types of monocular cues to depth.

5. Discuss the major types of color mixing.

6. Summarize the place and temporal theories of pitch perception.

Reference no: EM13486228

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