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Sam Thompson had just assumed his new role as manager of administration at Data, Inc., a manufacturer of electronic processing equipment. He had worked his way through the ranks since he was hired as a salesperson for the company seven years ago. Along the way, he had been assigned to positions in all phases of the company's operations after the top management group of Data, Inc., saw that he had considerable managerial potential.

Sam was known as a very efficient person who always seemed to have a definite plan of action and a strong desire to see it succeed. The other managers in the division of administration, however, had never operated in such a fashion. Rather, they treated their assignments in a "fire-fighting" manner because the entire division always operated on a crisis basis. If emergency demands did not come from customers, they came from other divisions or from top management. Nothing ever seemed to be done in a routine manner -- even planning for a committee meeting was a major production. 

Sam was aware of this situation and was determined to change it. He believed (and his experience supported his belief) that it was possible to formulate and implement plans for goal accomplishment without having a sense of emergency surrounding the organization.

Based on his convictions, Sam called his department heads into a management conference to discuss the situation and to decide how to correct it. At this meeting, he explained his desire to install a new system of management based on carefully formulated goals and plans. He expressed a desire to obtain maximum participation and involvement with the new program so that there would be a team effort. Basically, what Sam proposed was the installation of a Management by Objectives approach to planning and control.

Because none of the department heads were familiar with the system, Sam spent this first meeting explaining it and how he proposed to make it operational in the division of administration. As he explained the system and how it would work, however, he noticed what appeared to be resentment from the department heads. Their comments and questions after the explanation did, in fact, affirm that there was considerable opposition to the plan.

It seemed that the department heads saw no real justification for the proposed change in the management system. The company, after all, had been a success, and they had all received generous rewards for their performances in the past. They failed to see how the proposed system of MBO could really be worthwhile.

The main opposition was expressed by Joe Turner, a good friend of the president of Data, Inc. As comptroller of the company, Joe had known the president since their college days.

As Sam pondered this unexpected development, he wondered what he should do now.

I need to write 2 pages to analyze this case it should include these 5 parts in the paper

Part 1.

1.  Problem definition

  • Difference between task and a problem
  • Who has the problem
  • Each people have difference problems
  • Identify who has the real problem
  • Which is the critical problem
  • Effective problem

When you start the problem definition, you need to start with as ..............................., my problem is ....

Part 2.

2.  Goal

  • What you hope to accomplish from this situation

When you write about the goal start with my goal is ........................


3.  Options

  • You are required to have a minimum of three legitimate options.

Part 4.

4.  Recommendation

  • Only one recommendation
  • It must come from the list of options above
  • Recommendation is made after each option is considered from the perspective of part 5

Note: all 4 parts cannot be more than one page.

Part 5

5.  Implementation

  • Need to accomplish 4 things in this section
  • Provide specific actions you will take to implement your recommendation
  • Identify the key resisters
  • Indicate how you will overcome resistance, ex: what additional actions you will take to deal with and reduce / eliminate resistance
  • Indicate what problems you are creating with this solution.

Part 5 should be one page

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Reference no: EM13290305

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