Difference between substantive and procedural due process?

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1. Consider a television or a radio advertisement and indicate how commercial speech is protected to a lesser degree than individual speech in our society.

2. What is the difference between substantive and procedural due process?

3. In your opinion, how far should freedom of speech go? Should advertisers be allowed to express opinions that disparage competition? Should satire be protected to the degree where it is crude or obscene in some opinions?

4. Several states have enacted statutes allowing for the medical use of marijuana. The federal government has (thus far) a clear policy against allowing cannabis clubs and the like to distribute the drug. Can the federal government overstep a state initiative? If so, under what authority?

5. What are the reasons that a court can review and set aside an administrative agency decision? Give an example of two ways that an agency decision might be overturned.

6. Why are administrative agencies referred to as the “fourth branch of government.”

7. Name two federal and one state administrative agency other than those mentioned in the Guide and explain their functions.

Reference no: EM132279924

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