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1. What type of contract law would a sale of stereo equipment and a real estate lease fall under? What is the difference between the subject matter of both contracts?

2. Explain how contract law has changed in American society. What are the reasons for the change?

3. Identify the essential elements of a contract and explain each.

4. How are quasi-contract, promissory estoppel and charitable subscriptions related?

5. The Delta Party DeAnza Fraternity House has offered a $150 award to the first person to swim naked in the college pool between the hours of midnight and 5AM when the pool is closed. Chic N. Haus does the nude swim on November 1, and Sue Baroo does the nude swim on November 3. Sue comes to the frat house on November 4 to show the video, the frat says they will let her know when payment will be made. Chic comes and shows his video on November 6. The frat says they will let him know when payment will be made. Neither party is paid by November 30. Who should be paid and why?

6. The ability to drop a college course before the end of the term and receive a non-punitive ‘W’ grade has been described as a voidable contract. Do you agree? Why or why not?

Reference no: EM132279905

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