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Hi-Ho Yo-Yo Case Study Guide

These are the questions I will asking myself as I evaluate your reports to Jeff Baker for the Hi-Ho Yo-Yo Case Study. You may use this as a guide.


Did you add setup time to the production time for each order and change due dates to days from the beginning of schedule?

Did you use all the heuristics (rules) available in the templates to evaluate the sequences?

Did you properly evaluate the results?

Did you discuss tradeoffs, and make and justify a recommendation?


Was report organized professionally?

Was report appropriate for intended reader (i.e., Jeff Baker)?

Were there more than a few typographical, spelling, and grammatical errors?

Were technical aspects (methods/results/etc.) explained appropriately?

Were outside sources (if used) appropriately cited?

Attachment:- Case Study.rar

Reference no: EM13984794

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