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Do you think that all epistemic communities share the same beliefs?   In other words, can there be an epistemic community agreeing that global warming is occurring while another epistemic community believes that it is not occurring? 200 words please list reference this question is a response from this posting:

Epistemic communities influence the development of regime perspectives in many ways. If you take something like climate change, as was used in this weeks lesson, it becomes clear how epistemic communities influential nature is necessary and needed. Whenever state actors come together to try and decide on an issue of global concern it is important to consult reputable experts. Epistemic communities are perfect in this way because not only are they a conglomerate of experts, but they are self sustaining and verifying by their very nature. Since these communities hold high standards for credible knowledge and the definition of an expert, they are more proficient at providing credible scientific results. Back to climate change; if you were to gather data from an individual or a public university that stated global temperatures have dropped over the past 10 years, would it be deemed credible enough to share on a global scale? Due to the small communities that an individual belongs to and the relatively small and government funded community that a public university belongs to, they are probably not the best source for global policy making. However, when an epistemic community comes together they are able to set acceptable standards that are agreeable between enough subject matter experts that their claims are often take as fact by global leaders. Because of the inherent credibility of these communities they are the perfect vessel to effect international regime perspectives. These communities are further necessary because in the globalized world we live in today, we need as many experts as possible from around the globe to meet and discuss the problems of today, in order to make a more prosperous tomorrow, and if the world leaders of today do not have the accurate information that these epistemic communities provide than world leaders would all be using different facts to try and solve the same problems.

Epistemic communities continue to evolve and become more relied upon. Today we can thank them for most major governments having an environment sector that protects our earth for coming generations and international communities agreeing to numerous arms treaties. Since the mid 1900's the level of esteem that epistemic communities are held in continues to grow as their worth proves more evident.

Reference no: EM131433747

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