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Read the rules of the game, the overview and the almanac for the Development Game "Settlers of Catan".

1.Discuss what "economic development" means in the context of this game? (Hint: How do you win, and what do you have at the end of the game that you did not have at the beginning of the game?)

2. Would "Victory Points" be a measure of player's "GDP"? If not, then how would you calculate a player's GDP?

3. Can you describe what the production function for the game looks like? (How are labour, capital and resources combined? Are there constant, increasing or decreasing returns to scale?)

4. We have discussed the importance of resource endowments and institutions for an economy's successful development.

a. In this game, what are the resources that make up the endowments, and what defines a given player's endowment of resource at the start of the game? (e.g. what do they have and how much? Is a "hex" a "hex"?)

b. How do institutions matter for the game's outcome? (Hint: Think of trade rules, the role of the robber, the "Monopoly Card" and the role of the army)

c. How does technical progress occur in the game? Is there any other way that technical progress could have been introduced to the game?

d. Is being on the coast is an important determinant of "success" in this game? Why or why not?

e. What else would matter for the "success" of a player in this game?

5. I have provided you with a proposed board of play that is intended to represent the territory that becomes Canada.

a. How well does this "model" represent Canada? (Hint: look at an atlas)

i. Is the distribution of endowments a reasonable approximation to reality?

ii. Is there anything missing?

b. What region, or provinces, of Canada is represented by each player colour? 

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