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a) A digital computer has the memory unit of 64K x 16 and a cache memory of 1K words. The cache uses the direct mapping along with a block size of 4 words. Explain how many bits are there in each word of cache, and how are they divided into the functions? Incorporate the valid bit.

b) Develop a sequential circuit which can detect two or more consecutive 1's in a stream of the input bits. Specifically, if last two bits in sequence were 1, the circuit must output 1. Otherwise, it must output 0.

Reference no: EM1318468

Design the disk and presents its code to the client

create a script that reads itself from the disk and presents its code to the client. A script where the user needs to enter the name of the file whose contents are to be dis

Implement big five class methods for the supplied linkedlist

CptS 223- For this micro assignment, you must implement the "big five" class methods for the supplied LinkedList class: Destructor, Copy constru

Specific mobile wireless solutions

Assess a problem, diagnose its sources, and recommend a course of action. Some examples are the recommendation for specific mobile wireless solutions.

Network in a gsm system

Consider two mobiles belonging to the same home network in a GSM system. Explain step by step the process in GSM roaming, when one mobile wakes up in a foreign network and m

Make a binary tree using an underlying linked-list approach

Write down a C++ program to build a binary tree using an underlying linked-list approach. Include capability to traverse the tree and print out the nodes in a format which m

What is meant by the last-in first-out property

What is meant by the last-in, first-out (LIFO) property? What is the difference between the stack pop and getTop operations? In a program that uses a stack to check for balan

The default text-based command-driven communication

If you need to create clean Web pages, which of the following is the best choice. If you need to create a text document with some graphics and format it for printing, which o

Define smaller industry-specific software developers

Does Microsoft's entry into industry-specific applications signal the end for smaller industry-specific software developers? What changes in strategy by such developers are


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